Products & Services

We want to work with your vision… and expand it. Don’t expect a cookie-cutter approach from our interior designers. They are here to listen, assess and create an original design that carefully adheres to your company’s unique requirements.

We love it when people come to us looking for something different.

We offer an all-inclusive package for each project which includes the following services. These services are also individually available; therefore we can assist a client with any of the individual processes below.


1. Idea​

Once we have met with you and established your needs and requirements, we will then set about creating a unique idea to propose.

2. Concept

In line with your brand and our professional touch, we work closely with you through each step of the process to produce a concept that enhances your current corporate branding while being delivered on time and within budget.

3. Presentation

A full proposal is arranged to reveal the concept layout. By not outsourcing we ensure quality control throughout the process. This gives us a streamline system of work, ensuring the budget, manufacture time and installation are kept within set parameters and that the finished product is to our high standards.

4. Construction

Our team of manufacturers offer superb workmanship and once completed, we transport your models to site where careful installation is imperative. We install the same day and with the same care and attention to detail applied in our manufacturing process


1. Corporate

Whether you need a small space or big shop to be redesigned, 369 can assist with the entire process, from conceptualisation through to installation.

2. Retail

Retail stores and shop interiors done by 369 will project your brand effectively and display your products & services in an intriguing and exciting way.

3. Exhibitions

Our many long-term clients attest to our passion for service excellence and high standards of production. All work takes place in house by highly skilled professionals and we also manufacture on behalf of design companies.

4. Events

With our experienced team we turn ideas and dreams into reality. At 369 we work closely with you to develop, plan and deliver a unique stage and set up for your event.