Brand out, Stand out: Why use exhibition stands?

The benefits of exhibitions are well known within trade show circles. In fact it’s a secret attributed to the success of big companies. Recruiting new customers, strengthening relationships with current clients and making immediate sales are some of the benefits of exhibiting at a Trade Show.

But why should a company consider investing in a custom built exhibition stand?

Attracting the attention of big clients

The reality is first impressions last and any doubt could be the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Large corporate representatives have high expectations placed on them. They will therefore not invest in suppliers they are not 100% confident in. The same applies for delegates and government officials who are accustomed to a certain standard of supplier.

Professionally built exhibition stands are an imperative part of the marketing strategy.

Most visitors to trade shows and exhibitions intend to make a purchase immediately or in the near future. Trade shows or exhibitions with professionally designed and build exhibition stands are an important component in drawing quality clients to a company.

Long-term brand building benefits

The long term rewards reaped with the quality attendees of the event mean investing in a custom built exhibition pays for itself in.  Designed specifically with your brand in mind, vibrant graphics, multi-media displays and lighting maximise your brand and enhance your products and services to new clients. With a unique, interactive exhibition stand, deep and lasting impressions are forged compared to a plain cubical which is often overlooked.

Research the market and collect high quality leads

To maximise your time at an exhibition, a custom built exhibition stand can work for you. Collect contacts via multimedia applications on screens set up on your stand. Surveys and interactive polls are great tools to accomplish high quality leads where you don’t have to even be present!

Generate media coverage

Let’s be real. A cubical stand is not going attract the numerous bloggers and media professionals trolling an exhibition or trade show event. Photographers won’t notice you and your cubical stand is not likely to be featured online or in print – during or after the event. Invest in an eye-catching visual presence with a unique custom built exhibition stand and you will see the immediate impact it has in a crowded exhibition venue full of your competitors.

Raise your organisation’s image and status

At exhibitions and trade shows, most business conducted is face-to-face, (the most persuasive form of selling!). Comfortable seating areas tailored to your target market facilitate face-to-face selling at your exhibition stand. From private lounges for VIP’s to open plan cafe or bar style meeting areas, whatever best facilitates relationships and reflects your brand is what we’ll design.

Entertain visitors in a comfortable space

There’s just something about a cubical that does not shout “FUN!” Investing in a custom built exhibition stand will give your company a prominent visual presence and your very own platform to engage visitors with trying out samples of your product, watching videos or taking part in competitions. Better yet is face to face selling which is all the more effective in a spacious environment where visitors can sit down and relax.

Maximise your time

With a custom built exhibition stand, you can reach a large percentage of the market in a short period of time, thereby achieving more in a few days of an exhibition than you might otherwise achieve in months.

Let us maximise your exhibition experience by utilising our expertise in design, manufacture and installation of various exhibition stand options in the greater Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban areas.

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