POWER-GEN and DistribuTECH Africa 2016

We can all agree that developing Africa needs reliable and sustainable electricity if it is to thrive. Renewable energies like solar and wind power could be the answer to strengthening the power industry of the place we call home but they don’t come without their challenges. Ideas need to be expanded on and execution discussed with the ‘big guns’ such as Eskom. -Introducing the POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa Conference.

With a focus on issues facing the energy generation sector, POWER-GEN and DistribuTECH Africa offers access to the latest industry trends and technology while offering the opportunity to share experiences and make valuable connections.

For exhibitors, it’s an opportunity to create brand awareness and to network for contracts with new suppliers. With 2200 attendees, the new business opportunities are real. Last year POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa saw some exhibitors signing deals at the show.

Some exhibitors expressed surprise saying they were “overwhelmed by the number of interested service providers who want to do business” with them.

Engaging with the power stakeholders at POWER-GEN Africa opens doors to new markets and opportunities one might not have considered previously. You’ll also have an opportunity to build lasting relationships with existing and new clients as you meet them face to face.

Exhibiting at POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa will allow you to showcase your products to valuable attendees, helping you raise your company profile and stay ahead of the competition.

Jimmy Ketlhabanetswe, a Power Station Manager confirms this: “We are planning upgrades to our infrastructure, so at POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa I have the opportunity to meet suppliers and service providers face to face to discuss this. Usually, I research potential suppliers online. It is far more convenient to meet a number of suppliers in person and under one roof.”

Good quality delegates are a given at this event so make sure to book your stand immediately in order to generate awareness and reinforce your brand positioning in the market.

A Sales Engineer echoes this: “This was our first time at POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa. The visitors were of a better quality than we expected and we met a number of potential customers, particularly among the sub-Saharan delegation. This was a good start for us in this market.”

POWER-GEN & DistribuTECH Africa, will be held in the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg, South Africa from 19-21 July 2016.

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*All information in this article was sourced from the PowerGen Africa website.

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